So many options - Which Pattern Should I Print Out?

You get lots of choice when you purchase my patterns - which PDF file you use depends what type of pattern you like.

Some people prefer to use the "Trim" pattern (you cut off two edges then match the join marks, then cut the pieces out), its a bit more time consuming but if the printer feeds the paper in on an angle it can be a more accurate pattern. It is a universal pattern so any printer can print it out accurately.

Another option is "Trimless" - you print the pages, join at the marks, then cut out. One PDF file is designed for A4 paper printers (mainly European printers) and the other is for US Letter size paper (mainly American printers).

Copy Shop file - this PDF pattern is designed for printing on large format plotters at commercial copy shops (you email the file, or upload it to them, then they will post the full size paper pattern to you, or, you can go in-store)

Projector files - for use with a projector and projector technology only (no physical printing of patterns is needed). You can find more information on that here.

You only need to print out one pattern type AND then print out the seperate file with the Information in it.

How To Print, Assemble and Store A Trim PDF Sewing Pattern from TND

How To Print and Assemble a Layered Trimless PDF Sewing Pattern from TND