Print At Home Fitted Full Bodice Block - Woven Fabrics

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Bodice Block for Woven fabrics - including Plus Sizes

Use this block to create your design of shirts and blouses or join to a trouser block to create jumpsuits, playsuits, culottes and more

Please see below for a full description.

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Downloadable Files Include:

This is a professional fashion industry block (sloper) which is used commercially to make expert standardised patterns able to be put into factory production.  Blocks have no hem or seam allowances.  They are a template used to modify and create your own styles.

The blocks have ease - extra room - allowed for wearing comfort.  This means you need to purchase the block that most closely matches your measurements.

If you prefer a firmer fit go down a size (eg if your bust measures 92cm use a size 12 block).  There is approximately 5cm or 1 inch ease in this block.

This is a fashion industry standard bodice block, and the sizes include a plus size range.

Additional Information:

Available for purchase is a downloadable pdf document able to be immediately printed to your home printer.  

It is printable in both US letter and A4 sizes.  The pages are very easy to assemble simply match the letters and numbers of the grid and tape or stick glue into position before cutting out.  I suggest you trace the block using a tracing wheel and patternmaking card to ensure a long life.

Please ensure before you print that your printer settings are set to "DO NOT SCALE"

Please print the first page (page one) as a single print job before you send the full pdf document to the printer, with your printer settings on "do not scale".  This will print a test size square which you can measure to ensure the pattern will print to the correct size.  

These blocks print in black ink with grainlines in red ink.   You may prefer to change your print settings to "draft" to save ink.

For more information please see our Customer Service page             

Paper required :Size 4 -  15 pages, Size 6 -  15 pages, Size 8 -  15 pages, Size 10 -  14 pages, Size 12 -  18 pages, Size 14 -  20 pages, Size 16 -  19 pages, Size 18 -  19 pages, Size 20 -  20 pages, Size 22 -  23 pages 

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