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At Trish Newbery I take pride in being 100% Pure New Zealand, made to support our local economy. 

I hold the environment dear to my heart and work to protect our planet. 

I value people and resources, and aim to create my products in the virtual world, to minimise the impact on the environment.   

I believe more and more people are beginning to realise the ethical implications of buying mass-produced, cheap garments. 

Slow fashion: taking the time to design, pattern, or make a garment will result in a quality, long lasting item that you will cherish for years.

My patterns are available as downloadable PDF files so you may print them as required.  By creating your own wardrobe you achieve the satisfaction and pride of reflecting and displaying your own fashion sense, as well as discovering a craft that many have lost.

If you wish to minimise your impact on the environment even further, consider using my A0 size "Projector Only" files - which means there is no paper printing involved at all. 

Prior to this website, my students told me they could spend hours online trying to find tutorials - and would often end up learning techniques that would get the job done, but would not be acceptable in an industry environment, or to a level that the garment could be sold with any level of integrity - certainly not to a "shop finish" level.  They would purchase videos from craft based websites that would show them great home sewing ideas, and lovely hand sewing couture techniques, but it would not translate to the level that was expected in a training/learning environment, despite the selling point being "industry based."

All my tutorials and YouTube videos show you the Fashion & Design School way, and how the fashion and garment industry adapt this.  The industry way is definitely not the home sewing enthusiast way, or the way you may have traditionally been taught, so be ready to have your eyes opened!

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Also while I’ve got you here - is there a tutorial that you need and can't find yet? Just contact me and I may be able to record it for you.