Are you active on social media? Do you already share and tell your friends what you've made with Trish Newbery PDF patterns?

Sign up today for my Affiliate program and start earning money for what you're already doing.

You will earn a commission when someone buys a product on the Trish Newbery site after clicking your link. You can promote products via your Blog or website, as long as you comply with the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. 


At the moment I accept affiliate applications only from:

*Active bloggers (who have active website or Blog account and have a large number of followers)

*Active users of IG and FB

To register as an affiliate, please send your details to with the following information:

Your name and country.

The email address that you’re using to Sign in to your account at

Which patterns you wish to promote.

A link to your Blog, Instagram or anywhere you have posted about Trish Newbery Design.

If you have purchased or tested any Trish Newbery Patterns, please include one of your images or a link to the images.

It can take up to a week to register you as an affiliate.

You will recieve an email stating whether you have been approved or rejected.

If you have other questions, please include them in the email. 


The commission rate is 20% net.  You will earn commission on all patterns, designs, blocks, cut files and sales even if the customer uses a sale code or gift voucher on checkout. You personally receive a discount on pattern purchases - details are provided in the welcome email.

I will send your payments once a month through Paypal once you meet the $10 minimum payment amount.  Payments will be sent by the 10th of the month following. All commissions are paid to your PayPal email. You must have a Paypal account. You will be notified by email when I make a commission payment to your PayPal account. 

Your commission period is unlimited.  If a customer uses your link and then makes a purchase, you will earn a commission from that sale. 

You will be provided with a link in your account dashboard and once logged on, you can track all activity stats, sales and balance.  


Promote! The more you put into the affiliate program the more you get out of it.

Sharing your sewing and the projects that you've made with Trish Newbery Patterns is the best way to generate sales. Posts that share your sewing steps in completing the garment tend to convert to sales more than just sharing an image of the item. Mashing up patterns or altering with mods to create something unique is also recommended. Reviews on the pattern product pages are also helpful.

I will share with you any sales or special events so you can share them. You can use the sales or event to drive traffic by simply sharing something that you have made that relates to that event or promotion.  When sharing sales, you need to share something that you have made. 

You may use pattern images from the website to share – and please email me for advice over anything specific.  You can create a graphic with wording to share a sale if you add photos of something you made.

You need a basic knowledge of adding images and links to your site (html coding).

If you'd like a banner with a particular image or in a particular size, just contact me and I will try and make it happen.

You are responsible for the posting and promoting your affiliate links and photos.

You may not post a garment image in the Facebook Trish Newbery Page or Trish Newbery Design Pattern Discussion Group with an affiliate link. 

Affiliates who do not follow the above rules will be blocked from using the affiliate program.

Please Note: My affiliate program is designed for use with websites and Blogs, not clickable links on Instagram or Facebook. If you wish to use IG or FB I can provide instructions on how to do this.

To sign up, click on the Affiliate Registration tab (in the footer) at  When you register, you will be given your own link to use when sharing your Trish Newbery posts. 


It is a legal requirement that you disclose that you are sharing an affiliate link.

One way to do this is to use the hashtag #affilatelink or #aff right before or after the link, or use the wording affiliate link, afflink or something similar in the text in your post. 

Your social platform may need a disclaimer – you could add something like this:

“Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and buy the item, we will receive an affiliate commission.”

I reserve the right to reject or remove you from the affiliate program if I feel it is not a good partnership.  I reserve the right to change the affiliate program at any time. 


1: If you do not have an account Login, go to the Affiliate Application Page to apply for affiliate status and create a New Customer Account at the same time (Page Footer). 

2: If you already have an account with Trish Newbery, please Sign In, navigate to My Account, and just below the Home page tab (above the Account Dashboard) you will see a link called Become Affiliate User.

3: When approved, you can access the marketing resources and set up your affiliate links on your site

4: Promote and send traffic to the site

5: If the visitors you send through your click links make a purchase, I will pay you a percentage. The links do not expire.

Example of Ads


Amber Capelet Hoodie

Amber Capelet Hoodie

Maria Bomber Jacket

Maria Jacket