What are Projector Files?

Projector files are designed to display pattern pieces directly onto your fabric. This means there is no need to print and tape pattern pieces. It  can save time, money and paper. 

Projector files are available for all new release patterns.

For older sewing patterns, just check in to "More Information" tab under "Print Options" on each product listing - or look at the list of file download types

Any pattern starting with a "2" number will have one - and if your purchase does not include one just contact me and I will add one for you. 

I will be adding these files to the rest of my patterns very soon. 

The features included in all Trish Newbery projector files are:

  • Size Layers, so you can select only the size or sizes you need
  • Lines that are 4pt wide
  • Grainline in the same direction for all pieces
  • Nap in the same direction for all pieces
  • Full size pattern pieces where I can (with the option to still cut on the fold) - the download will tell you whether the file is "unfolded"
  • Layout on multiple A0 size pages with space
  • Grid layers in imperial - inches - and metric - cms - to check sizing - calibration - before cutting