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Shipping & Delivery

Please note at this time our sewing patterns and other products are available as PDF downloads only. 

With the downloads each pattern has different options:

  • You can print "Trim" files as both A4 and US letter size on standard home printers. The patterns print out at full size and include all seam and hem allowances - you will need to trim them to assemble. These are multi-size.
  • You can print "No Trim Layered" files - choose between A4 size or US letter size. The layered option means you can choose to print a single size, or multiple sizes at once.
  • Some patterns I offer are marked as being able to be printed on A0 size paper.  A0 size is 841x1189mm or 33.1x46.8in. This size is similar to a traditional pattern. If you choose this option, you will need to save the download to a USB stick drive and take this to a print shop. Most print shops will allow you to email the files.
  • A new option is the projector-only files - thicker lines and a different layout allow for a "paperless" option.

PDF patterns will be sent to the email address given, and will be available immediately on your account if you have paid via credit card or PayPal under order history.

PDF patterns are sent through email and cannot be returned. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact me so that we can resolve any issues - I want you to have a fantastic shopping experience.

If you have trouble receiving your pattern, please contact me. Make sure to check your spam or trash folders first.

Please make sure your computer has a PDF viewer before making your purchase as all sales are final, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the patterns.

You can download a free PDF viewer at

Please contact us via our Facebook page, or email if you have any questions.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions 

What payment options are available?

When shopping online with TrishNewbery you can pay by credit card via PayPal. You do not need an account with Paypal.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a service that enables you to pay or send money without revealing your financial information.  For full details please see

How do I use a promotion code?

Occasionally you may receive a promotional code from us. You can use the promo code at the checkout. Look for the box which says 'Enter promo code'. Simply type your code in there and click the "go" button to apply the promotion to your order.  


Viewing Orders

If you wish to view your order progress at any time simply login to "My Account" for up to date information.  Alternatively please feel free to contact me via email or on my Facebook page.

Updating Account Information

By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account, and more. Once an account is created simply login and change your details. If you prefer contact us by email and we will be happy to help you with this.

Account History

When you purchase from this website a copy of your patterns purchased will be stored in your account history - you have a copy of the pattern available "forever"* to download as many times as you need

*Please note "forever" means while the pattern company is still operating for business

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a PDF print at home sewing pattern?

A: A PDF sewing pattern is a sewing pattern you can buy online and then download the PDF file to your computer.  You print them out on your home printer - use draft settings to save ink - then sticky tape or glue stick the pages together where the page joins are marked, and cut out your pattern piece just like a traditional tissue pattern.  Alternatively choose the print shop option - you will need to save the file to a USB disk and take to a print shop with a wide format printer, or email it to them for printing out just like a traditional pattern - but it will be printed on sturdier paper.

Q: Will my home printer be able to print this?

A: Yes, our patterns are made to support printing on both A4 and US letter size paper.

Q: Can I have this pattern printed like a normal pattern on big paper?

A: At this time we do not post out physical patterns.

Some of our patterns are offered in traditional A0 format.  A0 size is 841x1189mm or 33.1x46.8in. Just contact your local printshop and ask if they can help.

Q: How do I get an A0 pattern?

 A: An A0 pattern is similar in size to a traditional paper sewing pattern.  It is the size engineers tend to use for blueprints. 

The A0 Copy Shop option PDF file is meant to be printed on a large printer called a plotter on larger size paper. If you choose this option, you may need to save the download to a USB stick drive and take this to a print shop.  I suggest you ring in advance to check that they can print architect type plans. The cost should be less than approximately (NZD) $7 per page.  They may also offer the option of emailing the file.  For most of the patterns this option will be only one or sometimes two pages.

Q: Why should I buy a PDF pattern?

A: Sewing patterns in a PDF downloadable format have both positives and negatives to them.

On the good side, it gives you instant access - you can purchase spontaneously and have the pattern available immediately, which means no waiting for the pattern to arrive, and no expensive shipping charges!  Just store until you are ready to print.  PDF patterns are also cheaper than traditional tissue paper patterns, the home printer paper used means they are stronger and will not tear easily with multiple use, and if you want to experiment with the pattern, the original is always available for you to re-print if necessary. Are you making dresses in multiple sizes?  Simply print a pattern for each size. If you don't like the time aspect of assembling the pattern together, just choose the print shop option and the pattern can be printed at a print shop close to you in a similar size to a traditional tissue pattern.  You could also choose to use my pdf sewing patterns with a ceiling mounted projector and never need to print out a pattern again.  And by the way, all seam and hem allowances are included.

Q: Can you make a pattern for me?

A: Yes I can! Either just for you (more expensive), or if you are happy for it to be loaded to the website for anyone to buy it, it will be regular PDF pattern price.  This can be a regular full size pattern, posted, or a PDF downloadable pattern. If you have designed something you would like made into a pattern please contact me either with the contact form, email, or via my Facebook page.

Q: How long does it take until I get my email with the link to my product?

A: The email containing your confirmation and download link should arrive almost immediately to your inbox.  Sometimes PayPal may have delays or put a hold on your transaction.  Please do not hesitate to contact me via Facebook (it's faster) or the contact form email and I should be able to speed up the process.  If your link is not active within 6 hours please contact me. Also check your Spam file. Also, you will be able to instantly download your patterns after you complete your purchase from your account on the website.  You can Sign In anytime from the Home page (top right) - then check "My Account - My Downloadable Products". Please note free patterns are instantly available from the download link in the email confirmation, but are not available in your online account for approx 12 hours as they need to be manually verified.

Q: I don't want an account - why can't I check out as a Guest?

A: You need to make an account to access product downloads. I used to have guest checkout enabled but too many emails were being sent to SPAM files and lost - and I had to create accounts anyway to re-send them. Please consider using my Etsy shop if anonymity is important to you.

Q: Can I produce your patterns as garments to sell?

A: Yes, for small home based businesses only, and please come back and buy more patterns from me - or ask for your own designs to be made as patterns. You may sell items made from my patterns in small businesses.  You may not in large businesses.  What's the difference?  Once you have a physical retail store, employ people or use contractors/outworkers then it's not OK.  Please contact me to license a design

Q: Can I post my garment make on social media?

A: Yes, please do, and I'd love it if you mentioned the pattern and tagged me, however pelase remember, the copyright you purchase entitles you to produce a garment only - you may not share the pattern - this means you cannot take a photo of full pattern pieces and you cannot share the files.

Q: Will the pattern fit me?

A: As with all sewing patterns, follow the recommended fit guide to choose your size.  It is a guide only and as every figure is different, it is recommended you make a garment in a test fabric of similar weight to your final fabric to check fit before cutting into your good fabric.  Whilst we take every care possible with the patterns, we will not accept liability for errors in cutting or fit.

Q: Where is the Fit Guide?

A: Each pattern is made to fit differently - as such each pattern has a fit guide uploaded in the images for each pattern.  You can check the Information Sheet image for the standard fit guides, then there is also an image with just the Size guide and a Fit Guide for each individual pattern - it will show you for example, Finished Waist measurements, Finished Bust or Sleeve length etc

Q: Why won't my printed size check square measure correctly?

A: I work in the metric system, using centimetres (cm).  After the patterns are finished and correct I convert all measurements to imperial inches (in).  Sometimes the conversion is not exact so I use approximates.  My earlier patterns had a size check square as a good example of this.  10cm is actually 3.94 decimal inches which is otherwise known as 3 15/16".  As it is very close to 4" I said "10cm is 4 inches".  That has changed now - all patterns now are produced with both an accurate metric and imperial size check square.

Q: I just purchased a pattern but the confirmation email links are showing as expired

A: If you cancel a payment part way through, this can happen.  Also thanks to computers and the time it takes between paying for your order and your payment provider telling my system that it's paid for it sometimes just happens when the order gets stuck in "Pending".  Try to access the pattern you need by using the "Sigin" button at the top of the home page, then use the small drop down arrow and go to "My Account", also at the top of the page.  This will take you to your details and on the left is a link to "My Downloadable Products"  This is where your order should be stored - and you can download the PDF's as many times as you need to.  If this doesn't happen,  or the PDF is not there,  just email me, or DM my Facebook page, and I will happily email you the files directly to your Inbox, and arrange for them to go into your account history.

Q: How do I download my patterns? I've just bought a pattern but the email is not in my Inbox

A: The main reason this happens is because customers may have missed filling out a fields when registering for an account - if you skip entering something in the address boxes, odds on you will have problems with your downloads. Of course email me to sort it out, or you could just Login to your acount and access the purchased files from the "My Account" section.  To do this, go to the top right of the Home page, Click on "Sign In" then after you have filled in the details, go to the top right again and use the down arrow to go to "My Account", then "My Orders"

Q: Do you have discount coupon codes?

A:  Sometimes, especially when I run competitions or giveaways in my Facebook group. New release patterns have an automatic discount - no code required but you need to be in quick - it's for the first few days of release only.  To find out about new pattern releases join my Facebook page or my Facebook Pattern Discussion Group so you are aware of the new patterns as soon as they are available, or just check the "New In" page - and checkback often! I also run a REALLY good Black Friday sale.

Q: I don't like having to trim the pages - can you make them print trimless to save time putting them together?

A: Just choose the "Layered No Trim Option" for your download - and choose your printer format - US Letter (USA) or A4 (Europe)

Q: What are projector files?

A: Many sewists do not like the assembly part of the sewing process and have purchased ceiling mounted projectors.  To aid the cutting process my "Projector Only" pdf sewing pattern files are different from the printable ones;  the lines are thicker to make cutting easier, they are layered files (each size has one layer you can choose in you file viewer) and there are also grid layers to help with setup.  There is a layer that you can turn on that shows a 1 inch grid, and a layer for 4cm. In addition the pieces are set up so the grainlines are all facing in one direction and the files are set up as if the fabric has nap - a fabric that has a "top" and a "bottom"- so all the upper part of the garment pattern pieces have the same orientation.  Where possible, I try to keep the pattern pieces that are cut "on the fold" together, and lined up also.  These files do not have "cut charts"- there is a pattern for every piece.

Q: What do I get with my pattern - what's included?

A: Each pattern is different - things have evolved as I learnt more about PDF Sewing patterns.  You will always receive a page with all the details on it - things like a description, suggested fabrics, a line drawing with the views,trims, size chart, fabric amounts.  You will also receive a cutting layout and a Construction Sequence.  Most patterns have a sew-a-long video also (you can access them as the last image on the product listing page, or see them on my YouTube channel) , Please check on each listing - under the section "Downloadable Files Include" for full details.  Please also check the "More Information" tab for further things like suggested fabrics

Q: Can I sell items I've made from your patterns?

A: Yes, but no mass production please - for small home based businesses only - and a credit or link to my website would be appreciated. Please contact me for a license if you are a larger business

Q: Do you have an Affiliate program?

A: Yes - please check the details here

Q: Where are the SIzes? I can't find your size chart

A: Size Charts are here.  As time has gone on I have changed my size chart.  As such, each individual pattern has a size chart on the listing. Some are single images so you can see the information easily.  Some are on the information sheet shown. If you wish to filter the patterns to show just your size, click on the filters on the left side of the page. 

Q: What does Layers or Layered PDF pattern mean?

A: If the pattern details say there is layers, it means the PDF has size layers.  You can load a file reader such as Adobe Acrobat on your computer then choose to print off a single size, or multiple sizes - this is also great if you are between sizes - you can print, say, the Medium and the Large only, then blend betwen them to get your perfect fit.  My older patterns did not have layers.  All pattern released now do.  The pattern library is in the process of being updated - if there is a pattern you want that does not have layers yet, please contact me and I would be happy to prioritise the updates for you.

Q: My pattern won't print to scale?

A: Make sure you check the "Print Actual Size" box on your printer settings - "100%" is NOT the same

Q: Which pattern do I print?

A: If your paper is 8.5x11 inches you have US Letter paper.  If your paper is 8 1/4 x 11 3/4" you have A4 paper.  You now need to decide which file you want to use - the "Trim" file will work on both size pages/any printer.  For the Trimless file you need to know which size paper you have - then print out the US Letter Trimless file if you have US Letter paper, or the A4 Trimless file if you have A4 paper.

Q: I don't want to use Paypal - can I use another method like Apple Pay?

A: My website only accepts Paypal but I have an Etsy shop that will accept other payment methods - you can buy the pattern there - if the pattern is not there just contact me and I will list it for you.

Q: I teach sewing classes or sell sewing tutorials. Can I use your patterns?

A: If you teach sewing classes or run sewing tutorials online or in person you are welcome to use Trish Newbery patterns. Each student will need to purchase their own copy of the pattern as my patterns are licensed for individual use only.
For large classes I can offer discount codes for your sewists. Please see the Teaching License page, and please feel free to get in touch if you would like to ask questions about this.

Printing, Assembling, Storing (and Hanging) Your PDF Sewing Pattern

Q: How do I print, put together and store my pattern?

A: There are two videos here - The first is how to assemble a "Trim" pattern and the second how to assemble a "Trimless" or "No Trim" pattern